Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump Twitter Status

One of Donald Trump’s first acts as president-elect was an update to his Twitter account.
Trump created a Twitter bio to reflect his new title as “President-elect of the United States” on Wednesday morning. He previously had no bio on his social media account.
He also updated the background from his cover photo. While the cut-out of Trump giving a thumbs-up-giving and waving to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence remains unchanged, the background is now of the White House instead of the American flag. And rather than listing the two candidates as the Republican nominees, the text identifies them as “President Elect” and “Vice President Elect” with the official seals of their new offices.
Trump was elected president early Wednesday morning, delivering a devastating blow to Hillary Clinton by cracking her blue wall with victories in Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania in addition to key wins in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio.